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Welcome to EquipPro

Equipment Professionals

EquipPro is a specialized equipment provider that focuses on material processing and handling in the production and environmental sectors. Our goal is to assist clients with sustainable solutions to their needs for centrifuging, dewatering, dosing, batching, mixing, extruding, pumping, prilling, pressing, palletizing, and automating processes. 

EquipPro represents the finest in equipment and machinery: not on an exclusive line card basis, but rather on an applied engineering basis—by the application—project by project—the best there is for the job at hand. 

Our Specialization

EquipPro is available to specify equipment, ancillary machinery, and accessories to meet the needs of the application. Our equipment specialists and engineers can work with your industrial architects, engineers, planners, plant personnel, operations, and maintenance departments to develop bespoke equipment selections for applied engineering applications. These selections require understanding the entire plant flow, as plant equipment is after all an industrial organism requiring that all the interconnecting devices work together.

Our Recent Projects

At EquipPro, we specialize in certain portions of the plant and partner with other specialists that know other areas best—creating the team approach. No one-size-fits-all solutions are to be found at EquipPro, but rather our depth in areas of decades of specialization in material handling and processing equipment. We partner with industrial architects, engineering firms, and contractors to deliver seamless equipment, commissioning through partnerships that work on your behalf.